objective of module

Gather fresh ideas on how to create unique new mixers and trendy, lower-proof cocktail choices popular in almost every occasion.

If you would like to take notes while you go through this studio and/or try recipes, access our downloadable resources, which can be found below the video.

Tech Tonics Studio

Tanqueray No. TEN first established the ultra-premium Gin segment and continues to recruit more people to Gin as they explore the top end of the category. Tanqueray is considered to be the bartender’s favorite Gin, and in fact, in a poll of the World’s 50 Best Bars (Drinks International Brands Report, 2016),

  • Created in 2000 by Master Distiller Tom Nichol
  • Groundbreaking, innovative production process
  • Citrus-forward flavor profile
  • Made with whole, fresh citrus fruits, juniper, coriander, licorice and angelica
  • Additions of chamomile flowers, Florida oranges, Mexican limes and pink grapefruits
  • Higher percentage of Juniper than Tanqueray Export
  • Higher ABV intensifies citrus notes


World Class Training Booklet       Tech Tonic Studio Notes


As bartenders, this is where your creative prowess comes into the spotlight – show us how well you understand the content, the techniques and how the final product elevates the standard Gin & Tonic to an entirely new level. Ensure as you embark down this path, you keep a journal of things that worked/didn’t work, and the research on each ingredient you’ve used, to ensure they’re not illegal or harmful ingredients to use.

Remember, when making mixers for World Class (or just for use in your bar), the best mixers out there aren’t necessarily about subtlety: they hit you over the head with flavor. Be mindful of the fact that you’re going to be adding additional ingredients to this mixer, and then likely diluting it with ice as it melts into water. I’ve had all sorts of mixers in my day fall flat because they simply didn’t provide enough strong flavor from the beginning.

Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Manager of the James Beard Award-nominated bar program at Clyde Common and celebrated Pepe Le Moko, as well as author of “The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique”