a. Attending an in person USBG World Class Studio event. Learn more at worldclass.usbg.org/event-directory/

b. Passing a Digital Studio online. View courses at worldclass.usbg.org/course-list/

The following are permitted and do NOT qualify as a homemade ingredient:

– Juicing pantry ingredients.

– Combining dry pantry ingredients as long as amounts and recipe is provided.

– Combining pantry ingredients with room temperature or heated filtered tap water as long as recipe is provided.

– Preparations of pantry ingredients that require application of heat or infusion/extraction may not require more than 5 minutes of production time start to finish. Production instructions must be provided.

You can access all Digital Studios content online 24/7 at worldclass.usbg.org/course-list/. To meet the 2020 Application deadline, you must complete your education before January 15th, 2020. For complete rules, please see the application here.

a. For in person USBG World Class Studios, check the inside cover of your training booklet.

b. For Digital Studios, you will have to retake the studio. Upon successfully completing the studio quiz with a passing score of 80% or higher, you will be presented with the option to download a certificate of completion which contains your code.

c. If you are still having trouble finding your code, please email worldclass@usbg.org

a. You will have to retake the studio quiz. Upon successful completion, you will be presented with the option to download the certificate again.

a. You will need proof that you have successfully completed studios in order to complete the 2020 World Class Competition Application.

a. Save or print certificates – you will need to enter the completion code from this certificate for ONE completed studio on your 2020 World Class Competition Application.

a. For your application cocktail, please specify the standard bar tools you used (standard tools you would use in your bar).

b. Application recipes must be able to be recreated for judging, please include as much detail as possible.

a. Applicants qualifying for the Top 100 will be announced on February 12th, 2020.

b. Applicants qualifying for the Top 50 Regional Finalists will be announced on March 4th, 2020.

a. On the application deadline, only your latest submission will be accepted.

b. You do not need to finish your application in one session (by saving the link you can return as many times as needed to submit).

c. The application can be saved by saving the link to your bookmarks.

d. In the case you have an error on an already submitted application, or if you wish to withdraw your application, please contact worldclass@usbg.org.

a. Application recipe submissions must use stock list items only, the full stock list is available on the application here.

a. If you qualify as a Top 50 Regional Finalist, you must compete with the region in which you applied (this is based on your active USBG Chapter Membership).

a. If your USBG Membership is not currently active, you will be prompted to register for a temporary membership. These instructions are provided on the application here.

a. You must be eligible for work and travel in the United States to apply. For complete rules please visit the application here.

a. This program is open to all USBG members and program registrants who are not employed by liquor companies or distributors as full-time employees or consultants at the time of application and competition.

a. Yes, returning participants are welcome to apply again.