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Gather fresh ideas on how to create unique new mixers and trendy, lower-proof cocktail choices popular in almost all drinking occasions.

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Science of Smoke Studio

Johnnie Walker is the world’s No. 1 selling Scotch Whisky brand, every last drop is blended with real craftsmanship and passion behind it.

  • Diageo has over 10 million casks in storage
  • The largest holding of Scotch whisky in the world
  • The only company to truly say they have Whiskies from the four corners of Scotland
  • Six bottles of Johnnie Walker Blended Scotch Whisky are sold every second.


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The thing is, most bartenders use smoke as a special effect just for the smoke and not for everything else in the Whisky, a blunt instrument. The whole point about a great smoky Whisky is the complexity of the overall drink and how the smoke is just one element.

Smoke is an aroma that is often misused – start to understand how smoke can add a missing flavor, aroma, characteristic or “je ne sais quoi” to your cocktail, without the automatic placement of “cocktail under a cake dome for 15 minutes.”

Dave Broom

Chief engineer for the go-to online site scotchwhisky.com and writer for a large number of international titles. Additionally, he has written 12 books in the spirit category, including Drink: Never Mind the Peanuts, Rum, Whisky: The Manual, World Atlas of Whisky and The Way of Whisky: A Journey into Japanese Whisky.