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Gather fresh ideas on how to use Bulleit in memorable cocktails and create outstanding experiences for your guests.

Rituals in Hospitality Studio

Bulleit is a rich, warming spirit, perfect for showcasing your hospitality:

  • It has an unusually high 28% rye content.
  • Kentucky limestone-filtered water provides a foundation for the bourbon’s character, while charred American Oak barrels lend a smoky backbone.
  • The Boilermaker is the preferred way to give a “bartender handshake” and customize with bourbon or rye and your favorite beer.


World Class Training Booklet Rituals in Hospitality Studio Notes


Hospitality can take many forms, from empathy to bar snacks to bartender handshakes. These are the things that make us feel good when we sit down in an establishment for a drink.

Rituals in hospitality are the things that we as bartenders can do to make our guests feel warm, included, and part of something greater than just “being at a bar.”

Be sure to create this type of atmosphere during competition.


Jeff Bell

Jeff Bell is a globally renowned bartender and spirits professional. He currently serves as the general manager of PDT New York, a partner of PDT Hong Kong, and director of bars for Delicious Hospitality Group. Having over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Jeff has held nearly every position before he eventually found his calling behind the bar.

Ariel Leizgold

Ariel Leizgold is a World Class award-winning bartender. In 2008 Ariel opened Tel Aviv’s first ever cocktail bar and since then he’s launched numerous award winning bars and restaurants in Israel and around the world that have become nightlife hotspots for those seeking a thrilling and sophisticated experience to enrich the senses. Leizgold is the author of Israel’s leading bartending course and training book and is the most awarded bartender in Israel’s history.

Jenna Ba

Jenna Ba is passionate about the intricate combination of quality ingredients crafted into cocktails, perfect lighting, curated music and stellar service that is at the heart of the hospitality industry. Part of the team in both Brompton Club and Chiltern Firehouse in London, she has consulted for venue openings in Mykonos and Mumbai, delivered events in international markets for the last 5 years and for 2 years has been immersing people in Bulleit’s Frontier World as a Brand Ambassador.

Mark Moriarty

Mark is a 27-year old chef based in Dublin, Ireland. He works at The Greenhouse restaurant, under head chef Mickael Viljanen, which holds one Michelin star. In addition, he works across numerous food projects, including TV, brand consultancy, global pop-up restaurants and ambassador roles. Mark also acts as Diageo Reserve’s “Global Gastronomer.” Mark is a former San Pellegrino world young chef of the year and is listed on the Forbes 30 under 30.

Lauren Mote

Lauren is the Diageo Reserve Global Cocktailian, co-creator of Bittered Sling Bitters, sommelier, writer, and spirits judge. A former World Class Canada champ and top 12 in the world, Lauren now spearheads our World Class Studios educational program: she creates programming for bartenders, ambassadors, customers and consumers across 60 countries. She’s also the global ambassador for the World Class program and represents the entire Reserve portfolio.