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Open your mind to thoughtful pairings and contemporary cocktails often inhibited by perceived rules or expectations.

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Match Made In Heaven Studio

The making of a spirituous beverage such as Rum is an art. The perfect combination of Rums transforms a good Rum into a sublime experience. Aged and blended in the “House Above the Clouds” 7,500 feet above sea level, the cool mountain air slows aging, allowing Zacapa time to rest and develop character.

  • Appearance: Light mahogany with the green lights of long barrel-aging at the rim, and long, slow legs clinging to the glass.
  • Nose: Aromas of caramel, vanilla, cacao and butterscotch combining with layers of flavor indicative of the different barrels in the Solera; sherried notes of caramelized roasted Brazil nuts and toasted hazelnut and the characteristic rounded toffeed banana and dried pineapple of ex-bourbon casks.
  • Palate: Complex, generous and full-bodied, with honeyed viscosity, raisined fruit and apricot preserves, building to an intense heart of savory oak, nutmeg, leather and tobacco with notes of coffee and delicate vanilla, balanced with a spicy touch of cinnamon and ginger on the pleasantly long, dry finish.


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Remember that all the flavors in your serve have to work together. Create a harmonious journey and be able to articulate why.

Creating moments in time where food and flavor come together to pair, to contrast, to make us think, to bring us joy, or a sense of nostalgia – these are all wonderful moments that bring the cocktail occasion into a new space.

Mark Moriarty

2013 Euro Toques Irish Young Chef of the Year, 2015 San Pellegrino UK & Ireland Young Chef of the Year and San Pellegrino World Young Chef of the Year. Additionally, he is listed on the Forbes magazine 30-under-30 for innovation in the arts sector.