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Celebrate what’s at the heart of making Tanqueray No. TEN the benchmark gin it is today. Learn about the micro and macro elements that bartenders focus on to create the recipes for their gin cocktails.

Heart of Gold Studio

It took 300 attempts over the course of two years to perfect the recipe for Tanqueray No. TEN. Its flavor base mimics that of great cocktails:

  • Whole citrus including grapefruit, lime and orange.
  • Botanicals such as coriander, chamomile and juniper are sourced from around the world.
  • The acids present in the distilled spirit help to balance and brighten any composed cocktail.


World Class Training Booklet Heart of Gold Studio Notes


Think about how to best balance acid, salt, sugar and spice in all of your recipe.

Use this practice in macro ingredients that you manipulate to become part of your cocktail masterpiece, and in the attention to detail of what micro botanical, fruit or herb that goes into distilling your spirit.


Joe Schofield

Joe Schofield is the only bartender to win both of his industries most prestigious awards; International Bartender of The Year at Tales of The Cocktail and Bartender’s Bartender at The World’s 50 Best Bars. He seeks to push the boundaries of modern cocktail culture with SCHOFIELD’S in Manchester and his consultancy company Sensorium based out of Singapore.

Mark Moriarty

Mark is a 27-year-old chef based in Dublin, Ireland. He works at The Greenhouse restaurant, under head chef Mickael Viljanen, which holds one Michelin star. In addition, he works across numerous food projects, including TV, brand consultancy, global pop-up restaurants and ambassador roles. Mark also acts as Diageo Reserve’s “Global Gastronomer.” Mark is a former San Pellegrino World Young Chef of the Year and is listed on the Forbes 30 under 30.

Terry Fraser

With over 36 years’ experience in Distillation and Maturation Terry Fraser has spent the last 10 years overseeing all Global Tanqueray Gin production. As the Tanqueray and Gordons Master Distiller, he is highly passionate about ensuring only the best quality Botanicals are used to consistently produce the character notes in our gins, maintaining centuries old gin recipes.

Jack Sotti

Jack Sotti currently leads the GB Brand Team for Diageo Reserve, heading up Tanqueray and the GB World Class program. For the last decade Jack has been travelling the world immersing himself in the global drinking culture. Jack’s biggest passion is watching his colleagues and industry grow and develop and using the opportunity his role grants him to experience the latest and greatest of the industry.

Joanne McKerchar

Joanne McKerchar is armed with over a decade of experience, she is both the Senior Archivist and an Industry Expert on the history of Gin & Malts, referenced in numerous articles and books. She has spent the last 14 years cultivating our Gin collection, studying its history, and becoming a true expert in all things Gin. Today Jo continues to inspire her colleagues and industry peers with the histories of Diageo’s Gin brands.

Lauren Mote

Lauren is the Diageo Reserve Global Cocktailian, co-creator of Bittered Sling Bitters, sommelier, writer, and spirits judge. A former World Class Canada champ and top 12 in the world, Lauren now spearheads our World Class Studios educational program: she creates programming for bartenders, ambassadors, customers and consumers across 60 countries. She’s also the global ambassador for the World Class program and represents the entire Reserve portfolio.