Challenge Overview

Spritz season is every season! Since spritzes continue to be reimagined to fit a variety of occasions, they have become popular serves to enjoy both at home and in bars and restaurants across the country.

In this challenge, you are tasked with developing your own take on a Spritz serve. To develop your signature Spritz, use a resource on Diageo Bar Academy, such as a Master Class or World Class Studio, to identify an emerging trend that will inspire your serve. You must also select (1) occasion from the list below to center your signature Spritz serve around.

  • Brunch
  • Pool Day
  • Aperitivo Hour
  • Back Yard BBQ

For this cocktail:

  • You can use any DIAGEO Reserve Brand and/or Seedlip listed in the Stock List.
  • No homemade ingredients are permitted; all ingredients must be Stock & Pantry List items.
  • All tools, equipment, ice, and glassware needed to create your recipe must be included in the Stock Equipment List.
  • This serve is open to your own interpretation and inspiration and should connect to the theme of the occasion.
    • You must provide the recipe and instruction for building a single serve. This recipe and associated written prompts will be paper judged. For those who progress on within the competition and enter the Top 100, this cocktail will be created and judged in person to determine the Top 30.
    • Please note, the recipe will be recreated exactly as it is written out in your submission. For this reason, ensure your submission is clear and comprehensive. If an ingredient, method, or step is not called out, it will not be assumed or completed.

Accompanying your recipe, you must also submit a written response with a brief description of your serve, how and why you determined it, its connection to your identified occasion and emerging trend, what techniques or skills you used, and what educational asset on Diageo Bar Academy inspired you to create it. You should also demonstrate your knowledge of your selected DIAGEO Reserve Brand Spirit(s).

Technique Tested

In this challenge, you’ll be tested on your knowledge of the Spritz serve and ability to innovate on an established serve type and to develop a signature serve for an identified occasion.


Before starting on this challenge, it will be helpful to review available Diageo Bar Academy content for reference of trends and best practices. Then, take the learnings from one or more of the resources available (Master Class, World Class Studio, etc.) to develop your signature serve.